DREAM.10-Interview with Marius Zaromskis
書かれた Stuart Tonkin

Marius Zaromskis talks about his upcoming fight against Hayato "Mach" Sakurai, his preparation and the tournament.

Please tell us how you feel?
I feel good. I was a little tired yesterday, but today is better.

What is impression of “MACH”?
I know he is an all-round fighter.

Do you think there is anything in particular that you need to be careful of?
Yes, I need to be very focused.

If you win then you have to fight 2 fights on the same day. Have you ever experienced this before?
I have a long, long time ago. Maybe 10 years ago I did it.

Did you do anything particular to prepare for two fights in one night?
I didn’t do anything different to usual.

What do you think is the most important thing for you to become the Grand Prix Champion?
Every fight for me is very important. The Grand Prix is no more or less important.

You wore a special costume last time you were in Japan. Do you have any plans for this event?
No, I won’t have a costume this time; just a chain around my neck.

Did you watch videos of “MACH’s” fights?
Of course.