DREAM.10-Interview with Jesse Taylor
書かれた Stuart Tonkin

Taylor talks about his upcoming fight for DREAM, his last fight in Brazil plus his newly started career and family.

Your fight will happen in 2 days, so how are you feeling?
I feel great. I fought last Saturday. This is my livelihood. I just love to fight. It is a dream to fight in DREAM.

This is first DREAM fight, so what is your impression so far?
DREAM puts on a good show. I love the audience here. They show a lot of respect and honor. I hope you like what you see and I stay for a long time.

What is your impression of Dong Sik Yoon?
I know he is a tough guy. Everyone is warning me to be careful of the “Dong-bar.” It is going to be a challenge. I am going to give it everything I have got and hopefully get the “W” (win).

What is your image of how you will finish him?
I hope to use one of the tools in my arsenal that I haven’t used. I hope to stand with him, but I am proficient on the ground as well, as you may know from some of my wins. I hope to finish him early

Are there any Welter-weight fighters in DREAM that you want to fight?
Yeah, there are definitely some out there. I think there are some great match-ups especially now that I am here. It is not my style to call people out, but I think when see me fight you will know there are some great possible matches. I can go down one weight class too, so there are more opportunities

If you can use a few words to describe personality or character, what would it be?

What about you is wild?

Do you think people notice this?
No, I think it comes out when I am fighting and when you get to know me, but I generally try to be well behaved.

Which college did you go to?
Cal. State Fullerton, but I have 3 classes to go still.

Did you win last Saturday?

Rear-naked choke.

How long did it take?
I believe it was just over a minute.

What was the event and who did you fight?
It was Total Combat. I fought a guy called Rubin Barrio. It was in Mexico City, so it’s a big city.

I understand that you wrestled in college. What did you accomplish there?
In college I was a 2-time All American. That is my biggest accomplishment. I got third in Pac-ten, and wrestled at NCAA level. I love wrestling but just love punching people.

Do you still consider yourself a college student?
No, I got a chance to fight on a reality TV show, and then started getting good money. I’ve got two boys to support. One of these days I will finish though.

How old are your sons?
My eldest just turned 5 on the 17th so I missed his birthday for this fight. The other is about 4 months. Because I missed my oldest son’s birthday his initials will be on my shorts and t-shirt.

What are the initials?
AJT. Alexander Jacob Taylor

Some people say you look like Nicholas Cage, so how do you feel?
Oh that’s good. I have also heard I look like “Big” John McCarthy from America too. Hopefully I am better looking than both though.